Foundation Children's Projects Guatemala.

The Foundation Children’s Projects Guatemala (SKG), based in the Netherlands, supports the children in Guatemala on their way to a better future by developing educational projects. 

Our mission.

“The goal of SKG is to improve the opportunities of the children in Guatemala and support projects aimed at enhancing their living conditions and educational opportunities. We do this mainly by building decent and affordable school buildings for the poorest children in Guatemala.”

Results reached so far.

SKG was founded in March 2007 by members of the Guateninos association, an association for families who have adopted children from Guatemala.

Less than 2% of the money received by the Foundation Children’s Projects Guatemala is spent on administrative costs. Overhead is kept to an absolute minimum thanks to a trustworthy Board of Directors  solely consisting of volunteers. Thus every donation is almost completely spent directly on the children in Guatemala!

Our focuses.

Fundraising & Coordination.

We mainly focus on fundraising & coordination.

Local collaboration.

We work together with several reliable partners in Guatemala who realise the actual projects with the help of parents and the local communities.


We are happy that most of our projects were approved by 'Wilde Ganzen Foundation'. Their support and encouragement has resulted in additional funding up to 50%.

Self-sufficient communities.

We aim to build 1 to 2 schools per year in the poorest communities in Guatemala, which are often in remote areas.

Our projects.

SKG has realised a variety of educational projects in Guatemala over the past eleven years. In the realisation of projects, there is close cooperation with local partners. SKG projects tie in with initiatives of the local population. Knowledge transfer takes place with respect for traditions and culture. The goal is to leave a better developed and self-sufficient community.

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